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Now it is where there is a border tension with China Indian  Tech enthusiast are showing their interest in buying laptops from Indian companies due to globalisation many Western companies and also Chinese companies have taken the Indian market in laptops we know many Western brands  such as Dell ,Asus ,Acer and macbooks but we don’t remember any Indian laptop companies in laptop market. to rent self independent campaign India should also lead the laptop market which has been taken by western companies 

There are certain flows due to which Indian laptop companies  I not recognised  search like Western companies and also Indian laptops are not sold much And not recommended the professionals

  1- they are not well branded and well marketed like apple

 2- There are no proper manufacturing units all laptops in India

3- people are not well known towards these Brand and They couldn’t convince their reliability

4- There is a lack of our Indian innovation in Indian laptop companies

These are the top made in india laptop brands-

 1 AGP laptops

agp company

AGP Is an Indian based laptop and PC manufacturing company. who headquarter is in   Jodhpur Rajasthan . started with PC manufacturing and then entered into  gaming laptops and professional high end laptops. They have a thin range of clients of providing PC components of commercial grade .Some of the best laptops manufactured by this company are e AGP Orion RA-3110 and AGB Orion Zq-0812.

2Micromax Informatics

MICROMAX indian laptop

Micromax Informatics is India’s largest phone manufacturing company. headquarter is situated in  Gurgaon. Haryana.

Mohit Sharma,Dewas And Rohit Patel are the co-founders of this company.

  They produce affordable stylish and features laptops   which are slick lightweight the best laptop produced by  them are  Canvas Laptop II and Neo LAPTOP LPQ61407W

3.Smartron India

smartron indian laptop

Smartphone India is founded in the year  2014 Which founder and chairman Mukesh Lingareddy.  the headquarter is situated in Hyderabad the main focus of this company is to compete with the global  seller They want to make a strong product ecosystem in India.  the best products are T book and T Book flex Under rupees 40000 They were USB ports and buttons  are located in the screen rather than in keyboard.

4 LAVA International

lava indian laptop

 Lava International is primary Indian smartphone brand. Have scaled its business  towards laptop manufacturing. the complete design and manufacturing is done in India The Chairman and managing director Mr Hari omm Rai  wants to give People the best they could. The produce slick and affordable laptops  with minimal design .Lava‘s laptop ranges between rupees 13000 to 16000.  the best products is Lava Twinpad Used laptop and tablet.

5 RDP laptops

rdp indian laptop company

RDP Is founded in 2012 by Vikram Redlapalli In India.  they produce a wide range of laptops desktops tablets and other tech appliances.  recently they have extended their business in Africa and Middle East .Laptop sir most affordable and used in Day to day works success video lectures programming gaming and professional uses .The best product ThinBook 2 Is most slick and latest ThinBook 2  K12 is most affordable and comes with a 1 year  warranty.

best budget laptops

Which laptops are made in India?

There are few indian laptop  brands which are made in India and  growing gradually there
AGP laptops, Micromax Informatics,Smartron India, lava and RDP

Does India make laptops?

 yes there are many companies in India which are manufacturing laptops but the complete laptop market is  taken by western companies and Chinese companies there are few Indian companies such as   AGP laptops, Micromax Informatics,Smartron India, lava and RDP Which are manufacturing laptops but the brand value is unknown to people


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