Home Security- Best home security devices 2021

Best home security devices

Home security devices are a necessity nowadays. No doubt it will save you from robberies, intruders entry and other criminal activities at your home but also it will save you from unknown  crises like  cooking gas leak which leads to fire electric short circuit aur annoying persons at your door. If you  spend some money in installing these security devices then further it will save you a lot of money  and  Collateral damages happen due to  these crises.

If there are small kids at your home then this home security devices are the most which will ease  your Job in taking care of them and they would be at your view when you are not at home. so for the betterment of your life use this security devices at your home 

 Security Cameras

home security devices-Cameras

Security cameras are the eye of home security devices . They are used To view the intruders coming  to the restricted areas.  The security cameras are of many types like  motion detection security cameras, thermal detection security cameras  thermal detection, and also there is range in security cameras Like long range,  broad 360 rotatable etc .  The main features the security camera should have is a night vision mode which will help the security cameras to capture  views in night or low light areas.

The security cameras available in India are 

MI Wi-Fi Smart Security Camera
Alert TypeMotion Only
Number of Channels4
Video Capture Resolution1080p
Mounting Type
Surface Mount

CP Plus Astra HD

Alert Type
Motion Only
Number of Channels
Video Capture Resolution
Power Source
Corded Electric

Fire Alarm System

 home security devices- Fire Alarm

Everyday news we could see houses got Fire due to some household problems like short circuit ,  cooking gas leak and other issues  due to which houses got fire but if you have a fire alarm system it will alert us when the fire starts then we can take precautions so that the  fire stops there . 

The fire alarm systems –

Anself Fire Alarm Warning Strobe Siren Horn Sound

Biometric Fingerprint Lock System

 home security devices- Biometric Fingerprint Lock System

 Now in 21st century every house need a biometric fingerprint lock system at their home it allows you play store whole family fingerprint so that other unknown people   could not able to break out into your house this lock system also consists of a pin code so that if the biometric do not work then you can use the pin to come into the house.   this system also keeps the data of  coming and going time of anybody entered into  your house

the best biometric fingerprint lock systems-

Time Office Fingerprint Cloud Based Attendance Device

Video Door Phone Kit

 home security devices - Video Door Phone Kit

A video door phone kit is a standard security device which comes with  a video monitor And a telephonic system .  which allows you to view the person outside the door and through the telephonics system  you could ask him why he is here. This is also integrated with security cameras which will help the house to be completely security proof as you could see anybody come to your house and wouldn’t allow any unknown outsider coming to outrage in your house.

The best video door phone kit  are-

Godrej Security Solutions 7-Inch Seethru Video Door Phone Kit

 Water Tank Overflow Alarm

 home security devices - Water Tank Overflow Alarm

Water tank overflow alarm system is a basic home security device which will alarm you when the water is overflowing from your water tank this will help in less wastage of water and also advanced systems automatically Off the motor when the tank is full.

SMART i iPRO Metal Water Level Indicator with Alarm

imagine technologies Fully Automatic Water Level Controller and Indicator 

What are the best home security devices?

The home security devices  which are most important   or you can say best home security devices are security cameras,  biometric Security locks, fire alarms Anda video telephonic kit system. this will save you from robberies ,  intruders breakout into your home or any crisis like fire etc

Where can I buy a cheap home security system?

For cheapest home security systems you could see in Amazon there are security cameras like CP Plus,  mi Security cameras,   Godrej,  like hikvision cameras  and also and video telephonic  kit, biometric security systems  Godrej provide  best products.

Which home security system is best in India?

Godrej home security products are  serving the best   in India .Also MI is providing best Wi-Fi cameras and alarm systems  rather in security cameras the CP Plus and hikvision have their standards  in security products.


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