what to look for when buying a laptop? best 5 tips

how to choose a laptop

Quick points-

  1. Before buying a laptop please give this for better choice
  2. Laptops may vary On the basis of performance and need.
  3. Complete knowledge of laptop will help you in picking the best one out of many.
  4. If you want to buy a refurbished laptop then care about certain points discussed below.

In India specially there are many brands  which are  manufacturing laptops , Dell laptop and price, performance and durability . If you are buying a laptop you shouldn’t be looking for a single prospective like you want performance as you see CPU for clock speed but it would to be  with better battery backup or screen quality. So so looking for a single prospective you shouldn’t be compromising with other features so fast check the price point in which you are buying and search for the best laptop with best CPU battery screen quality connectivity etc. Choosing best laptop for collage students.

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Vary in uses of laptops

The category of laptops will vary as per uses if you want a laptop just for me typing, using Microsoft Office or  consuming media You shouldn’t be buying a high end laptop. Spending a lot of money likewise if you are into gaming You should buy laptops with better screen quality , CPU and most  importantly  the graphics card should be good. likewise if you’re into graphic designing then you want the same performance as gaming but you should be wanting a lightweight laptop to carry everywhere.

Mi Notebook Horizon Edition 14 Intel Core i7-10510U 10th Gen

best refurbished laptops- buying a laptop guide

 if you’re buying a lift for which laptop before buying check the following things

– firstly after wonder if there is some warranty period laptop not

 -then you should know if the laptop stops working after some days then will he repair it or exchange it.

– before paying money  you should  ask the shopkeeper to open it and show the parts are original or it had been replaced

– check the battery performance and check if the GPU is not heating up

 the last check for scratches and any physical damages then re think buying a laptop

(Renewed) Dell Intel 5th Gen Core i5 5300U

laptop buying guides step by step

Most important parts of laptop-

 CPU performance

laptops  comes with processors Which decides the performance of a laptop there are different types of processors which are made by mostly two brands AMD and Intel

 the Intel provides hi and like   Core i9,  i7 and mid range like i5 and budget I3

 where as  MD provides higher end like ryzen 9 and ryzen 7 , mid range with ryzen 5 and budget with ryzen 3. For CPU benchmarks and better knowledge of processors Please visit our  page Best processors for laptop.

Best 5 Laptop Under Rs. 40000 | Budget Laptops

graphics card with liquid cooling

If you  are into gaming and graphic designing then you  II should consider a better GPU  for better performance it should be at least 4 GB of graphics Big best Nvidia rtx 3060 

 having good  GPU performance you should be looked for your heating   up issues  so you should be looking for better cooling systems it should be having dual cooling fan and also the newest liquid cooling system for heavy work you should be considered external coding systems

uses of ram- function of ram and rom

Who uses and workflows Ram should be the first to be considered most important to do day to day work, typing and MS Office works on media consuming it should be requiring entry level  Ram of 8GB but for heavy gaming and graphics related works we should be needed a high end Ram up 16 to 32GB for better performance and high refresh rate.

Connectivity and ports-usb a port

 In a laptop we could see many ports in the side of  our  keyboard panel where we could see an HDMI port for  external screen connectivity  type C ports, and USB ports,  mostly used to cover that the USB ports  should be at least of connectivity  of 3.0   and best if  3.1  type

 Most if you are doing graphic designing or you are a heavy  gamer  we should be requiring Thunderbolt 2.0 port  for light speed connectivity. the more the  ports are thunderbolt you would be having a better connectivity This might be a problem if you plan to game online and prefer a more stable, wired connection. Otherwise, consider laptops with 802.11ac Wi-Fi and up to 5GHz standards. You should consider Bluetooth 5.0 port to the best  at least Bluetooth 4.2.

display-display quality

What is lead error available for a few tiny size displays  like resolution of 1368×768.  but you should consider  at least a display resolution minimum of 1920×1080. There are so many 4K resolution displays available in the market you should look for them for a higher  refresh rate.

The  budget displays  are  like TFT display or full HD anti glare displays with a highest refresh rate of 60 hz Butter good displays are like Full HD IPS level display 4K displays  with a refresh rate of 144  hz.

Storage- hdd vs ssd

Hdd ‘s  traditional hard drives which comes with the laptop while considering laptop you should look for more hard drive space  a better storage capability The speed of HDD is quite moderate

 where  as the SSD known as solid state drive  which are known for Speed and  access time.A good gaming performance you should be having good SSD space which will start your game faster.

There are some key differences between SSD and HDD

Key ParametersHDDSSD
Access Time5.5~8.0 ms0.1 ms
Random I/O PerformanceUp to 400 io/s6000 io/s
ReliabilityFailure Rate 2~5 %Failure Rate 0.5%
Energy SavingsConsumes between 6 & 15 wattsConsumes between 2 & 5 Watts
CPU PowerAverage I/O wait is 7%Average wait time is 1%
Input/Output Request TimeAverage time is 400~500 msAverage Service time 20 ms
Backup Rates20~24 hours6 hours
  By www.stellarinfo.co.in
Weight of the Laptop

The gaming laptops are usually weighted  higher than professional laptops because the gaming laptops need better cooling systems  and the GPU performance is too high so it heats up easily.

 On the other hand, for professional use we need a laptop which should be lighter in weight so that it could provide us better mobility. There are few things such as hard disks and GPU which increases the weight of the  laptop.

laptop battery life- for buying a laptop

Batteries provided in the laptop are mostly lithium ion batteries. You are buying a laptop. You should look for  its battery backup time .And also how much time needed to fully charge the battery.Mostly the laptop  companies provide batteries up to 7 hours of battery life . Which is ok for gaming laptops but for  professional laptops you need high battery life.

Upgradability and warranty, laptop protection plan

 There are few parts in a laptop which are upgradable such a s Ram, Storage devices, GPU, SSD installation. So  before buying a laptop  you should look for upgradation availability so that in future if you require high performance then you can upgrade your laptop

 The most important thing is that the laptop should be providing at least one year of warranty and it should have registered paid warranties for at least two years.

The brand should be having there service center  at your locality so that you can avail your warranty look for this before buying a laptop.

Dell Inspiron 5406 11th Gen 14″ (35.56cms) FHD 2in1 Laptop

 Things you shouldn’t consider while buying a laptop

1-  RGB lights It’s good that the laptop has RGB lights but it’s not a necessary thing in buying a laptop it doesn’t increase any performance and enhance in working in laptop it just makes your laptop look beautiful

2-  mechanical keyboard   unless you are typing day and night  you shouldn’t be required a mechanical keyboard  it enhances  clicking experience but not necessary to look for in buying a laptop

3- Preloaded softwares – laptops provide preloaded  OS  Microsoft Office antivirus but if these preloaded softwares increases the price of your laptop then it is not necessary to be considered in buying a laptop.

4- Speakers-  it’s good to have a clear and loudspeaker in my laptop  but it is not necessary

because you can use external speakers.

Acer Nitro 5 Intel Core i5-10th Gen 15.6-inch Display Thin and Light Gaming Laptop 

How do I decide what laptop to buy?

You should be looking for the following things before buying a laptop
1 – the processor  should be as per your requirement and it should be of newest generation
2-   for gaming you should require a  RAM of 16gb at least or else 8GB is enough
3- if you’re buying a refurbished laptop then ask for service availability
4- is it be having an SSD up to 256 GB and good HDD space
5- I should be having enough connectivity ports and check for warranty and service centre availability
 for more information read the complete blog of  laptop buying guide

How much should I spend on a laptop?

Spending on laptop depends on your uses mostly If you are using the laptop for typing MS Office works are media consuming then you should  spend on budget laptops mostly starts from  rupees 30000 having at least  i3 or i5 processor
 but 8 if you are using it for gaming purposes aur graphic designing then you should look for high and laptops we should be at least  rupees 60000  or above and would be having  at least i5 or i7 Processor  and a good graphics card

Which laptop brand lasts the longest?

In the case of durability and user experiences  Dell  stands above in providing outstanding laptops which serves better in warranty period and also have service centre mostly everywhere
the interior and  parts quality is excellent but the price range is bit high
 next in expensive  list Apple MacBook ok is the best which provide best User experience in the world but it is quite expensive and its categories

Why do laptops die so fast?

The battery of a laptop drains due to many purposes  such as the RGB lights and also backlit keyboard drains a lot of battery secondly many processes are running in the background which drains battery  and also due to gaming  and high FPS.Lastly if you overclock the CPU then it it drains a lot of battery and your laptop dies quickly


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