Best truly wireless earbuds in 2021


we will be checking out the top five best wireless earbuds you can buy in 2021. yeah we made this list based on bar suggestions opinions and hours of research we also listed them based on price features and durability our goal here as always is to create an exciting shopping guide so that our  viewers can make the best decisions when buying the products if you’re new to this channel welcome to the five best where we explore the best technology gadgets in the market and help you purchase the right decisions based on your specific requirements.

1 Bose Sports Earbuds

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These earbuds are designed from the ground up to energize your exercise with acclaimed lifelink sound and a comfortably secure fit proprietary technology makes your music sound clear and balanced no matter how loud you turn it up the earbuds sleek design allows them to sit close to your ears and the ear tips won’t hurt your ears no matter how long you exercise they will also never fall out even when you move so briskly now you can prepare to beat your personal best again and again bose sport earbuds makes your music sound like the performer is right there beside you and go on pushing You to go another km or do one more rep the patented acoustic port design and premium high efficiency driver combines to deliver big sound from a small acoustic package and signature volume optimized active eq automatically boosts the lows and the highs so that music videos and voices always sound balanced at any listening level with bose earbuds you can access new stay here max tip that creates a tight seal with your ear canal it’s critical for hearing the deep notes to add impact and emotion to your music and for blocking the ambient noise around you so that you can focus on your music or your workout bose sport earbuds come with three sizes of stay here max tips you can get the best fit for you every surface that touches your ear is made of soft silicon not hard plastic and by applying pressure evenly across your ears the ear tips avoid putting extra pressure on the most sensitive parts meanwhile the unique umbrella shape and the extended flexible wing keeps your bows earbuds securely in place without the need for ear hooks no matter how much you shake your head or jump up and down while you move they stay still and lastly bose sports earbuds provide up to five hours of battery charge per charge they’re charged by placing them in the included charging case if the case is charged it will automatically charge the earbuds when fully charged the case can provide two full time charging which will go up to 10 hours of rigorous use and if your battery runs out when you’re doing some important work and in just 15 minutes charge for up to two hours of playtime.


Price: ₹ 17,990.00

February 13 2021

2 Sennheiser Earbuds

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 Sennheiser earbuds are small and comfortable and they provide great sound that literally goes straight into your ears that’s the sennheiser quality for you you could bring it on your next commute or run or simply enjoy it in the comfort of your home the earbuds are small enough to fit in just about any pocket and they shorten the distance between you and the sound more than any other headphone design but for them to sound really great they need to have a snug fit different sizes of ear adapters do the trick along with well-designed hooks no doubts high-quality in-ear headphones are the perfect choice for travellers for use in the gym sennheiser offers a range of in-ear models from state-of-the-art audiophile ones to water-resistant sports models there are also bluetooth or wired headsets with integrated remote controls which are ideal for sonically upgrading your smartphone that’s not all as a tribute to sennheiser’s heritage the momentum true wireless 2 anniversary edition features an original sennheiser logo and exclusive all black look this unlimited release boasts the same unrivaled stereo sound noise cancellation and exceptional battery life as momentum through wireless 2. this sleek design together with superior signature sound is crafted for the most discerning listeners who truly appreciate sennheiser’s legacy of 75 years of amazing sound.


Price: ₹ 9,990.00

February 13 2021

3 Powerbeats pro Wireless Earbuds

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Powerbeats pro wireless earphones totally wireless powerbeats pro earphones are designed to keep you moving available in about seven different colors these earbuds are adjustable and they are made with secure fit ear hooks that stay in place with multiple ear tip options except you’re taking a break from the planet called earth into a world of spirits powerbeats pro wireless earphones will move with you wherever you go it has a reinforced design for sweat and water resistance that helps you make it through whatever your day brings with up to nine hours of listening time you can get more than 24 hours of combined playback with the charging case and use five minute fast fuel for one and a half hours of playback when battery is low the autoplay pause independent earbud connectivity via apple h1 chip and full volume on track controls on each earbud means you’re in charge of how you listen so you can either play one side or both now let’s talk about design the powerbeats pro wireless earbud among many other things has in-ear earphones adjustable and secure fit ear hooks that allow for lightweight comfort and stability and a reinforced sweet design for sweat and water resistance during series workouts speaking of connectivity the bud uses a class 1 bluetooth via apple h1 chip and it provides improved connection speed with a largely extended range and fewer dropouts you can wirelessly share audio such as songs podcasts or movies with powerbeats pro and another set of beats headphones or airpods with audio sharing and yes the piece is android compatible too.

Powerbeats pro

Price: ₹ 21,500.00

February 13 2021

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4 Samsung galaxy buds

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Samsung galaxy buds ranking fourth on our list of best wireless earbuds to buy in 2021 is the samsung galaxy buds with sound by akg galaxy buns deliver calls to your favorite podcast and the music you love while keeping you aware of your surroundings when walking working or working out you can plug in this bud and still, be conscious of what’s going on around you isn’t that great we better is imagine almost getting hit by a truck because you’re enjoying good music doesn’t sound cool at all samsung galaxy buds provide a balanced and natural sound with superb dynamic range and exceptional accuracy which means every note and the word you listen to sounds stellar you can switch the piece to quick ambient mode and this will allow you to listen to street traffic catch fight announcements and hear when your kids or co-workers or anyone else at all is calling out to you what’s more the buds have up to 13 whopping hours of battery life even when you’re on the go they also come with a case that doubles as a wireless charger just a single full or complete charge provides up to six hours of playtime and the charging case provides up to an additional seven hours give up worrying about low power and things like that a quick 15-minute charge in this case is enough to provide as much as 1.7 hours of play time now you can text without typing wondering how simply hook your buds up to your galaxy smartphone for a truly integrated stellar experience designed to fit comfortably in your ears galaxy buds come with three adjustable ear tips and wing tip sizes right from the box when you’re running or dancing to your favorite tunes you are ensured the best possible fit and finally thanks to the ipx2 splash resistant technology your galaxy buds can handle splashes a little sweat and even the accidental spill.

Samsung galaxy buds​

Price: ₹ 8,988.00

February 13 2021

5 Sony wf xb700 Wireless Earbuds

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Sony wf xb700 extra bass true wireless earbuds there are many splendid things about this earbud of course it isn’t just like the regular earphones you’d find on the market today the ones you might have to spend hours detangling before you can have a taste of good music this is pure bliss and as you would expect that’s not all the wf earbud combines truly wireless freedom with bold distinctive looks you can hardly ever ignore the beauty that these pieces exude and as if it’s not harmonious enough the cozy design of the earbuds makes for an hour after hour of listening comfort it also has a long battery life and charges faster than most other earbuds out there thankfully to the handy charging case you can enjoy up to 18 hours of listening and if you’re in a hurry 10 minutes of quick charging gives you up to 60 minutes of music playback and wait there’s more sony wf xb700 wireless earbuds has a stable and reliable bluetooth connectivity the bluetooth chip which transmits sound to both left and right ears simultaneously coupled with an optimized antenna design allows for a stable connection and outstanding listening again this is pure bliss the low audio latency ensures an enjoyable viewing too with four sizes of hybrid silicon rubber earbuds included you can find the perfect fit for your ears to maximize sound quality and minimize outside noise you can also gain access to an extra bass feature that provides seriously powerful punchy noin sound your favorite bass lines never sounded so good the buttons on the wf xb700 headphone not only let you play stop or skip through tracks and adjust the volume they also offer an easy way to access your smartphone’s voice assistant and make and receive calls hands-free.

Sony wf xb700

Price: ₹ 7,990.00

February 13 2021


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