All the Bright Places|Jennifer Niven-Review(2021)

All The Bright Places​

All The Bright Places is a phenomenal love story like none other which is going to take you through an emotional roller coaster through the eyes of Theodore Finch and Violet Markey the protagonists who are flawed in their own way but find their common grounds and fall in love.

Theodore Finch is a quirky teenage boy who constantly seeks ways to kill himself, death fascinates him. But each time he tries somehow, something always stops him. No matter how tiny. He is extremely introverted and unpredictable; people hate that uncertainty in his behavior.

Violet Markey is a bit different she built walls all around her and started living in the future. Counting days for her to graduate and leave her city to avoid the treacherous memory of her sister’s death. She was a kind of girl who was popular and outgoing completely out of Theodore’s league. However, that changes after her sister’s accident and starts closing off and hide her pain.

The characters like to think that they can save each other; that love covers up all their pain and if they both put everything into each other then they can save the other. As you turn the pages of this book you get more and more attached to the characters and you want, for their sake, it to result in the happy ending that they are longing for. They are both so young and their lives so complicated but they give this relationship a try because of a school project that brings them together.

I was absolutely hooked and submerged, completing the book in just one sitting. It has two amazing characters, the book is exquisite with a touch of darkness, exploring the realms of love, life, death, mental illness, suicide, friendship and how every small thing matters. It also teaches us despite your love for someone, it is not always possible to save them and how fragile everything can be.

What I love about this book this how beautiful the portrayal of characters is even though they are of minor role. It is refreshing to read and make you burst into tears. The ending is very depressing and heartbreaking. It stuck a deep chord in my heart. I suggest keep your box of tissues ready before hand if you are reading it.

I highly recommend this wonderful book “ALL THE BRIGHT PLACES”. If you want a heartwarming romantic novel this is your go to, I say just go for this. It is kind of a book you will remember even after months of reading it and it will touch your heart in a way you will not forget them. It tells how to make the best out of what we have before it is snatched away.

Jennifer Niven

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